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Rob Favre

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If I had the money appropriated for cheese price supports...

After an eventful thousand-year voyage, the colonists begin making a home on their new planet. But Tom makes a discovery that changes everything they thought they knew about their world, and the more they learn, the worse it looks. 

The colony is going to need help, but who can they ask for help when they're alone and light years from Earth?

And what happens when you ask for help, but get something else instead?

Tom's parents didn't mean to ruin his life; that's just the way it's worked out. They're on a starship heading toward a new home among the stars. The trip was supposed to just be long and boring. But Tom wakes up from hibernation and discovers that something is very, very wrong, and if he doesn't act, everyone on the Hope/Freedom is doomed. It's almost enough to make him miss homework. 

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sort of immortal ebook@0,5x.png

It's the final volume and the conclusion to the Oldest Earthling trilogy!

Although they've escaped from fiery death on New Newton, the colonists are now fleeing through space on a stolen ship with a hostile fleet close behind.

Will they be able to find a safe place to live somewhere in the galaxy?

Will Tom manage to piece together the tattered scraps that remain of his love life?

And what does it mean to become sort of immortal?

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